Erotic Literature by Crystal Veeyant

Like many writers I have a vivid imagination and sometimes that imagination tends toward the sexual and even the kinky. No... especially the kinky. I used to write these stories mostly for fun, but sometimes a girl needs some extra cash so I am harnessing my literary skills and my kinky, perverted imagination to write erotica that reads like real literature but doesn't hold back the graphic sex or the excursions to the darker side. There is an abundance of really bad (illiterate, lazy, unoriginal) erotica out there, so it's a pleasure to help raise the bar in my small way... anonymously.

I have been a professional journalist and a published author for several decades ... however Crystal Veeyant is not my name. Sadly we live in a society where people's sexuality is repressed and those who dare to artistically express their sexuality, especially writers and filmmakers, can be penalized for doing so. In the same way that porn work can harm a film actor's (or director's, etc.) career in the mainstream, erotica is not respected in my line of work, especially the dark side topics I enjoy bringing to you.

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